The Perlectric team is comprised of:

  • A highly experienced Operations Manager, overseeing the performance of our many highly qualified general foremen and the coordination of office management staff.
  • Two Division Managers, for New Construction and Fit-Out and Alteration work, each responsible for multiple Project Managers in each group, overseeing the project operations and contract administration.
  • Two Preconstruction and Estimating groups, each supporting the company's two operating divisions in budgeting, design assist and competitive bid preparation.
  • A Service Department, scheduling the performance of small and emergency projects performed by technicians operating from fully-stocked company vans.
  • A CAD/BIM-capable coordination department, supporting the Project Management and Foremen in the preparation of coordinated field installation drawings.
  • Purchasing, warehousing, tool management and delivery operations, providing logistical support.
  • A Finance and Accounting Department, managing the accounting and job cost reporting and supporting financial aspects of project contract administration.